chains grow heavy
as the master takes hold
wills are broken
as your soul is sold
Your heart has turned black
and your hands are cold
Its the saddest story
ever told

Everything was right You finally had it all But nothing last forever Even summer turns into fall You knew you had lost Yet you couldn’t leave it be Everybody knows A caged bird wants to be free

sand drips through the holes in the plastice
and we try to fill it to the top
but The sand keeps flowing but you keep on going.
determined to make it stop


What is this?

there’s something wrong here…

something that I’ve missed

the answers unclear…

Was I about to speak?

were you about to cry?

is it something that i said?

was it just another… lie




running round in circles
while the wolves are creeping in
praying for a miracle
while our hands are black with sin
spinning into madness
because the truths too much to bare
spinning into madness
as it gives way to despair


Darkness falls
With it comes the rain
I hear the leaves dance
With the wind across the lane
My eyes are closed
And I feel a chill
The season is changing
Along with my will
I find peace in this darkness
Its spirit is true
I find peace in the feeling
Of being far from you
But the wind sings on
The trees sway to the beat
And the rain patters
Like tapping feet
As this symphony unfolds
My spiritual eye begins to see
I slip the shackles of this body
And my mind is set free
I fly into this darkness
I feel this rain
My spirit begins to dance
With the wind down the lane.



You’re A Hazard, Harry

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I’ve never been so scared in my entire life…

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Let’s have a dance party! Check out Eren’s booty tho :3.

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"I apologize for meeting you in disguise, but it was necessary to hide from the King of Evil.  Please forgive me…"

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"Channel the anger swelling inside you
Fighting the boundary till you break through
Deep in your soul there’s no hesitation
So make yourself the one they all fear
There is a wild fire inside you
Burning desire you can’t extinguish
Your crimson arrow
Rips through the twilight
This is the moment for war

We are the hunters!”

Lyrics by Amanda lee




I’m holding a charity event tonight for people who can’t reach orgasm.

If you can’t come let me know.

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*opens wallet* *pulls out picture of solid snake* i’m so proud of him


*single tear*

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